Friday, June 16, 2017

Halfway Through June Already!

It's one of those years that's going to just fly right by, isn't it? Can you believe we are in the middle of June already??

That means a few things:

1. After next Wednesday, the days will start to get longer again (yay!)

2. Three more months of this freezing weather (not so yay)

3. More importantly, we are halfway through our 24th Birthday Sale already!

So that means there are still quite a few great bargains left, but some have already left the building (queue Elvis joke).

Our Bargain Bin table is looking a little depleted!

What's left in our Bargain Bins
But as some things go out the door, others arrive, and we are very excited about our new Casio Keyboards that came this week.  Check out the new MZW series keyboards in both Black and Blue...
New Casio MZW Keyboards
...and the new XW series synthesisers, with amazing new features. Imagine the sounds you could make with these babies!
New Casio XW Series Synthesisers

Other people have had an exciting week too: Remember our new friends, Tasman Guitars? Their website has just been launched, and you can get all the delicious info and photos and everything you could possibly want there (except the guitars themselves of course, that's where we come in!).
Tasman Guitars' new website, featuring Yours Truly!
By the way, have you joined us in our Facebook Group yet?? If you're not a goupy (groupie??) type Facebooker, you can always follow our Page, that's where the magic happens ;)

That about wraps us up for this Friday, so make sure you wrap yourself up well and brave the cold to come and see us. (Remember we are Queenslanders, so by cold we mean sometimes it gets down as low as 20°C!!)

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