Friday, June 23, 2017

Fender: Past, Present and Future

The Next Generation of Classic Fender Guitars

Fender Guitars. We love 'em. Doesn't everybody? When Leo Fender built that custom lap steel guitar for Noel Boggs in 1946, he could not know how much he was about to change the world, and how, over 70 years later, Fender would still be the go-to name for electric instruments the world over.
Excited much, Johnny?

This week we packed Johnny off to the Fender conference in Sydney, and you can imagine his reaction.

But it's not all fun and games and window shopping, these were the newest, latest cutting edge designs from the powerhouse of six string music - this was a glimpse into the future of what tomorrow's guitar heros will be cutting their teeth on, polishing their chops, becoming obsessed with.

Impressive display, is it not?

Fender Conference Sydney 2017
The Music Spot has been an authorised Fender dealer from day one (which, as you'll all remember, was July 1st, 1993).
A very young Grant demonstrating some great Fenders at The Music Spot over 20 years ago
And our staff love them. They don't just sell you a guitar because they are sales people, they sell you the guitar that will fit your life and fill your purpose and enable you to fulfill yours. One of our longest serving staff members, Dave, has given us some insight into his relationship with Fender Guitars:
Dave has been with us for 10 years now

"The reason I love Fender guitars is simple. The wide variety of tones. I can cover almost all of the sonic territory I hear in my head with a strat  or a tele. They are classic body shape designs connecting me to a long lineage of guitar history. You feel you're a part of the rock and roll culture when you look the same as your heros. Most of them played strats!"

I asked Dave what his current three favourite guitars were.

"My favourite Telecaster is the American Standard with ash body in butterscotch with the black pickguard. Classic single coil tones, all bite in the bridge, nice and jazzy in the neck, and centre position is the superb rhythm sound."
American Standard Tele
"The copper Sparkle Roadhouse Stratocaster is a top shelf value instrument. Every bit as feature heavy as the USA built guitars. Noiseless pickups, shaved heel Clapton-esque preamp for mid range wind up." 
Roadhouse Strat in Copper Sparkle
"The new American Professional Stratocasters are the greatest example of what quality means to a company the size of Fender. Great colour options, over 60 years of getting it right and packed full of great tone."
American Professional series Strat in Sonic Grey
At The Music Spot you will always find a good selection of Fender guitars in Acoustic, Electric and Bass, as well as all the accompanying accessories. We have a good selection online, but to get the best experience come into our shop and put your hands on one of these beauties and feel the quality for yourself. 

And who knows, maybe you might see one of the next generation of guitar heros in the shop picking up their first strat. 

Maybe it might even be you.

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