Friday, July 13, 2018

Mixing it up at The Music Spot

The party's over! And there's a few sad and hungover faces around...

We had a great Birthday Week and saw a HUGE amount of stock go flying out the door, a pile of awesome Serenade Spot entries (competition is still going on, check our Facebook and Instagram pages and search #SerenadeSpot to vote!), and we are now back to business as usual, in a brand new Financial Year. So there is a heap of new stock, a bunch of rearranging, and as usual a lot of awesome deals to be had. So you'd better come down and say Happy New Year! :)


Ever thought about becoming a singer? There's a few things you should be aware of before grabbing the nearest mic and letting it rip - we don't want you to damage yourself! So here's 5 things that every singer should know:

1. First of all, it's your whole body that is your instrument - not just your vocal chords. You need to look after your health and fitness so you can put your whole body into projecting your sound, and develop relaxation techniques to give you greater control over your breathing.

2. Second, you may be listening to some amazing singers on Spotify and thinking, man I could never sound like that! But the thing is, learning to sing is just like learning to play any other instrument - it's a skill you can develop. Talent definitely helps the learning process along, but the old saying "anyone can sing" really is true, if you put your heart and your mind to it.

3. Did you know that you sound better the wider open your mouth is? Don't strangle your sound by trying to push it out of a constricted opening. Loosen your jaw, relax the back of your throat (like you are about to yawn), and let it out!

4. Also keep up the water! Hydration is key, both water and lip balm, to ensure a comfortable and smooth delivery of your sound.

5. Finally, YOU CAN DO THIS! Just believe in yourself!


And just to mix things up, it's Mixer Week!

We have lots of great mixers in stock, for all kinds of applications. From the Behringer Xenyx 502, an ultra-compact mixer with a great sound, to the Yamaha MGP16X, a premium mixing console which covers all applications from portable PA to fixed installation. We also have the Presonus AR8, which is an awesome 8 channel compact hybrid mixer, which has a recording function for rehearsals, live shows and studio recording. Lots more in stock, so come and have a look for yourself!


And it wouldn't be Friday without a Funny:

Keep practising, and we'll see you next week!

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Quarter of a Century of Music

What a crazy week it's been!

In case you've been hiding under a rock, this week marks our 25th Birthday, and we've been celebrating with a huge sale that began last Saturday with a massive one day Doorbuster event. The festivities come to an end at 4pm tomorrow, so now would be a good time to come down and snap up a bargain!


Of course, for this week's interest piece, we thought we should have a look back at the last 25 years of The Music Spot.

The Music Spot first opened it’s doors on 1st July 1993 when Andy and Marian followed their dream of owning and operating a Music Store. We started on a small 1st floor room above Toyworld with a focus on instrument sales and some tuition. From humble beginnings and with the support of our local community we moved to a larger ground floor store. Andy moved on at this point and Pete Butler became Marian’s new Business Partner. After 5 years, and steady growth it was decided that a larger floor plan was needed and we pushed all our stock up the car park to a larger store where we are currently located.     

The Larger footprint made room for a more diverse stock range and allowed the inclusion of more iconic brands such as Fender, Ibanez, Maton, Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, Dw, etc. Pete eventually decided to move on and Marian became the sole creative force behind The Music Spot.

Thank you to all our loyal customers, some of whom have been with us from the beginning, The Music spot could never have grown to what it is today without you. Also a  big thanks to all the staff who came have  been a part of the Music Spot family, some with more than 10 years service. None of this would have been possible without you.

The Music Spot looks forward to changing lives through music.


It's a new month already, so this month we are celebrating all things Pro Audio, beginning with Speaker Week.

We have some great speakers in stock, like these Yamaha DXR models. The DXR12 Class D is a high powered loudspeaker that is great for all live sound applications. The Turbosound IX12 is an ultra lightweight model suitable for both portable and installed applications. The Behringer Eurolive B112D is a great all-rounder for portability and cool running for long sets. We also have the Fender Fighter series 10" two way powered speaker for all applications. All these and much more available in store, so come down and have a look at our speaker range today!


And we can't forget our Friday Funny:

Not saying a word!! See you next week!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Doorbuster Sale on TOMORROW!

Some (Really!) Good News For Musos!

It's a pretty exciting time here at The Music Spot, because TOMORROW we are having our once-in-a-lifetime DOORBUSTER SALE!

The balloons and streamers are up, the prices are set to be SLASHED on some really great items, and our team are full of protein shakes and ready to be run off their feet. So in case you've somehow missed all the excitement up till now, let me reiterate: tomorrow, Saturday 30th June, from 9am till 4pm, we are having the BIGGEST one-day sale in our HISTORY. And we have some SERIOUSLY GOOD items on sale too - like a Fender 65 Strat at 55% off, down to $1999; or an Ibanez RG752FX 7 String Electric down 70% to only $599 - a huge 50% off on all our acoustic Drum Kits - and heaps more, with some items slashed to 87% off. This is BIG! Don't miss out!!


The other good thing about this time of year is that three letter word: TAX!

Ok it might not strike excitement into the heart quite as much as the words "Doorbuster Sale", but if you play your cards right, this can be a pretty exciting event too. Did you know that Musicians can claim a bunch of expenses and get a juicy refund at the end of it? Let's have a look.

Most musicians travel a lot for their work. So keep good records about the travelling you do - a log book is the best way to do this, and you can use an app on your phone for that. The ATO actually has it's own app which is great for not only the log book, but also storing and filing receipts. Technology making life easier!

There are a LOT of things you can claim as business expenses, probably best that I give you this link rather than try to list them here. Australian Musician magazine also has a great article with tips you should know, which you can see here

Make sure you record all your income correctly too. That includes things like grants as well as your performance fees and merch sales. 

If you put a little effort into your record keeping, you will reap the rewards at the end - and when you get that big juicy refund, we can help you spend it too!


Our Favourite Products this week are our Line 6 amplifiers.

Let's begin with our cute little lunchbox amp, the Amplifi-30. A compact and affordable way to get the great tones you'd expect from a much larger amp. Then we have the Spider Classic 15, a modelling amp inspired by the Spider IV 15, the amp that powered a break through for a generation of guitarists. If you want something big, strong and versatile, how about the Spider V 60, with full-range speakers that sound great with acoustic guitar, electric guitar or your music collection, and is fully wireless-ready. You've got no excuses with this line-up!


And our Friday Funny:

Well, that and probably a bit of arguing about who leads ;)

See you next time!