Monday, April 15, 2024

What's New This April at The Music Spot

 New From MATON: Series 6 Blackwood Mini

Simplicity and purity of tone lay at the heart of the Blackwood range of Guitars. Pure Blackwood tone - clear, bright trebles, strong midrange and full bass. The all Blackwood construction produces a unique compression, blending frequencies into a new, unique voice. 

Our Price $1999 or RENT for $24.24/wk 

New From FENECH: Vintage Auditorium

The Vintage Auditorium draws inspiration from the golden era of guitars between 1920 and the 1940s. During this period, soulful tones were produced from simple instruments to play blues, country, and folk music as a heartfelt response to the hard times of the Depression era. For this series, Aaron Fenech redesigned his classic Auditorium shape by making the body narrower and similar in size to the classic orchestral or 00 guitars of the golden era. The use of genuine Mahogany for the soundboard and back and sides helped to produce an articulate voice with rich overtones while retaining an impressive mid-range response and focused projection.

$2999 or RENT for $36.47/wk

New From FENECH: VT GA Camphor Laurel

The VT Series is crafted from high quality, hand selected all-solid timbers. It blends both traditional and modern aspects to purposefully define the appearance and voice. Since their inception, Fenech guitars have become renowned for consistently creating guitars that deliver exceptional aesthetics, playability and ‘volume and tone’ (VT). The approach to designing and selecting the materials was to simply strip back some of the more lavish appointments offered in higher level series without compromising on any of the voice or playability. The voice of these guitars is still meticulously achieved by hand through both traditional and modern bracing techniques.
Although the VT is the first tier in the range, this is a feature packed, premium high quality handmade instrument and is perfect for anyone starting out, a busking/gigging musician or every day strummer or picker.

$3299 or RENT for $40.16/wk


Check out this month's biggest deals:

Yamaha 280 Tenor Sax

The Yamaha 280 series saxophones offer a perfect start because they are designed with the young beginner in mind.

RRP $3199

Ibanez Yvette Young

 Based on one of Yvette’s custom Ibanez Talmans, the Y2M offers an opportunity for all guitarists everywhere to be inspired.

RRP $2699

MXR Tom Morello O/D

The MXR Power 50 Overdrive captures the sound and functionality of his setup for use with any rig

RRP $449

Zildjian A 20" Ride

The Zildjian A-Series is offers a superb all-around Ride. Mid-range pitch.
RRP $759

Yamaha YC61

61-key Stage Keyboard with semi-weighted waterfall keyboard. Featuring a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM) organ engine with three flavours of character-rich, vintage tonewheel organs.

RRP $3499

KRK V6S4 Monitors

KRK V6 is a two-way, full-range studio reference monitor with professional performance. Recording and broadcast studios as well as sound design and audio production houses will benefit from adding the V Series 4 as the go to monitor of choice.

RRP $1998

Come down to The Music Spot this month to check out these and other great deals!

Monday, April 8, 2024

Evans & ProMark Deals For Drummers

 Evans & ProMark Deals

From now until the end of June save HEAPS on selected Sticks, Heads & Damper Gels:


For a limited time you can get a 14" Evans Snare Head in either Genera Dry, Power Centre or Genera HD Dry WITH a Snare Side Clear 300 Series Head for only $69 - that's over 20% off!



Utilizing D'Addario's patented, heat-activated ActiveGrip solution, ProMark's Rebound drumstick model is engineered to get tackier as your hands sweat and body temperature rises. These sticks are created for agility but won't tear your hands up or cause restrictions to range of movement or technique. Only $25 - that's 37% off!



Sculpt your sound with EVANS EQ Pods, the ultimate solution to overtone, tuning, and resonance control. These polymer gels feature a Teflon-coated top side, helping them to remain stain-free and hold their shape. Designed for experimentation, you can apply and remove without surrendering grip, shape, or effectiveness. Now only $19 - that's 24% off!


These deals are on till the end of June so there has never been a better time for drummers to stock up! Available online or come down to 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains Queensland to save now!

Monday, April 1, 2024

NYXL Strings & XPND PedalBoards On Sale NOW!


For a limited time only you can save $$$ on NYXL Strings and XPND PedalBoards


This is the best time to buy D'Addario NYXL Guitar Strings all year - from now till the end of June you can get up to 39% OFF RRP with these great deals!

We carry the largest range of NYXL in Queensland - that includes 6,7 & 8 string sets, 4 & 5 strings Bass sets, in all gauges.


Maintain the power in your power chords. Strength tests prove that plain steel NYXL Strings are up to 40% stronger than standard strings. No string has ever offered this level of stability - torture tests prove that NYXLs stay in tune 131% better, so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing. At two whole steps higher, NYXL strings are still at less than 75% of their breaking point. In the same setting, standard strings are at 90% of their breaking point. The reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire boosts output in the 1 kHz to 3.5 kHz range, modernising overall tone, without ever losing that incredible nickel-plated steel feel you love.



XPND is the pedalboard that adapts to you. With its patented telescoping technology, XPND lets you instantly change the size of your board and number of pedals – forever expanding your sonic potential. XPND also features a unique cable management system and comes fitted with loop Velcro, keeping everything neat, while making swapping pedals super easy.
Limited time discounts on both XPND1 (single row of pedals) and XPND2 (two rows of pedals), so get down to The Music Spot ASAP!



These deals are limited time only, so jump online or come down to 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains QLD to grab your NYXL Strings and XPND PedalBoards today!


These prices are available from now until the end of June, so there's never been a better time to stock up!

Monday, March 25, 2024

March Guitar Sale FINAL DAYS



Only ONE WEEK LEFT to SAVE an extra 10% off our already reduced prices on Guitars & Amps over $1000 RRP

(excluding Clearance items and REVV Amplifiers)


Handmade on the Gold Coast, these extremely high quality guitars are an absolute steal at these prices. At the time of publication, we have the following models left in our March Guitar Sale:
VTH Grand Auditorium - RRP $3799, now $3419.09
VTP D78 Dreadnought RRP $4799, now $4319.10
VT Grand Auditorium Mahogany - RRP $3299, now $2969.10
VT Grand Auditorium Camphor Laurel - RRP $3299, now $2969.10
Vintage Auditorium Mahogany - RRP $2999, now $2699.10
Delta Blues Grand Auditorium - RRP $3299, now $2969.10



From a small backyard workshop, Maton Guitars has grown into a truly great Australian success story. Firmly established now as Australia’s favourite and most successful guitar, Maton is gaining acceptance on the world stage as an instrument of the highest quality. At time of publication, we still have these models available in our March Guitar Sale:
SRS808C Cedar Top - RRP $2999, now $2249.10
SRS70C Dreadnought - RRP $2999, now $2249.10
SRS60C Dreadnought - RRP $2599, now $1889.10
ER90 Traditional - RRP $3999, now $3239.10
EM6 Mini - RRP $1999, now $1439.10
EBG808TE Tommy Emmanuel - RRP $3899, now $2969.10



Yamaha - the name synonymous with quality musical instruments, and loved by music teachers worldwide, since 1887. We have several Yamaha guitars left in our March Guitar Sale, but only while stocks last:
A3M ARE Acoustic - RRP $1199, now $989.10
A5R ARE Acoustic - RRP $2499, now $1979.10
AC1R Acoustic - RRP $999.99, now $809.10
GC12S Classical - RRP $1449, now $1169.10
Pacifica 612VIIFM Electric - RRP $1149, now $944.10
Revstar Standard RSS20 Electric - RRP $1449 - now $1169.10
SA2200 Semi-Hollowbody - RRP $3599, now $2969.10
SLG200 Nylon String Silent Guitar - RRP $1199, now $989.10
SLG200 Steel String Silent Guitar - RRP $1199, now $989.10
Transacoustic FGCTA - RRP $1049, now $854.10



Paul Reed Smith built his first guitar in 1976, and now PRS Guitars are a favourite of prominent artists worldwide. There are still some PRS Guitars and amps left in our March Guitar Sale, if you hurry:
SE Zach Myers - RRP $1699, now $1376.10
SE Swamp Ash - RRP $1649, now $1349.10
SE Standard 24-08 Lefty - RRP $1399, now $1169.10
SE Silver Sky John Mayer - RRP $1599, now $1259.10
SE McCarty 594 Singlecut - RRP $1750, now $1394.10
SE Custom 24-08 Lefty - RRP $1699, now $1439.10
SE Custom 24 Floyd Rose Lefty - RRP $2199, now $1799.10
SE Custom 24 - RRP $1599, now $1295.10
SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow - RRP $1499, now $1214.10
SE CE24 Standard Satin - RRP $1149, now $944.10
SE CE24 - RRP $1449, now $1169.10
SE 277 Lefty - RRP $1529, now $1286.10
S2 Standard 24 - RRP $2799, now $2519.10
MT15 Mark Tremonti Amp Head - RRP $1699, now $1376.10
MT100 Amp Head - RRP $3699, now $3059.10



For over three decades Ibanez has dominated the world rock space, with innovative models favoured by top artists. At the time of publication, we have these Ibanez models left in our March Guitar Sale:
RG470AH - RRP $1399, now $1034.10
RG470DX - RRP $1349, now $989.10
RG7420EX - RRP $1499, now $1124.10
RG7421EX 7-String - RRP $1299, now $962.10
SR300EDX Bass - RRP $1099, now $836.10
SR305EDX 5-String Bass - RRP $1199, now $899.10



Cort has been making quality guitars for more than fifty years, and are known around the word for their passion and attention to detail. At the moment we have these Cort models left in our March Guitar Sale:
Yorktown Hollowbody - RRP $1199, now $899.10
KX700 Evertune Electric - RRP $1999, now $1439.10
KX507 Multiscale 7-String Electric - RRP $1499, now $1079.10
KX300 Etched EGB Electric - RRP $1099, now $809.10
Gold OC6 Bocote Acoustic - RRP $1699, now $1259.10
G300 Raw Electric - RRP $1599, now $1169.10
G300 Pro Electric - RRP $1449, now $1079.10
G290 FAT II Electric - RRP $1199, now $809.10
Core DC Acoustic - RRP $1099, now $719.10
Gold-O6 Acoustic - RRP $1499, now $1079.07



Swedish guitar giant Hagstrom has been perfecting their craft since 1958, and are the favourite instruments of some of the biggest artists around the world. If you hurry you can still get some of these amazing models in our March Guitar Sale:
Ultra Max - RRP $1699, now $1259.10
Fantomen - RRP $2099, now $1529.10
Fantomen Left Handed - RRP $2199, now $1619.10
Alvar Semi-Hollow - RRP $1899, now $1439.10
Justin York Viking - RRP $2099, now $1529.10
Super Viking - RRP $2099, now $1529.10
Tremar Super Swede - RRP $1799, now $1349.10
Viking Semi-Hollow - RRP $1899, now $1599



All the way from the UK, Tanglewood's range of quality instruments is loved around the world. At the time of publication these are the models we have left in our March Guitars Sale - but once they're sold they are back to standard pricing!
20th Anniversary Limited Edition - RRP $1299, now $989.10
Java 12-String Dreadnought - RRP $1199, now $899.10
Java Dreadnought - RRP $999, now $764.10
Java Super Folk Left Handed - RRP $1099, now $809.10
Sundance Historic Dreadnought - RRP $1299, now $989.10
Sundance Historic Orchestra - RRP $1299, now $944.10
Sundance Premier - RRP $1099, now $854.10
Sundance Historic Orchestra Vintage - RRP $1299, now $989.10


Come midnight Sunday, it's all over - make sure you get in fast to get the deal you want!


Monday, March 18, 2024

20 Years of Tanglewood

 An instrument created to celebrate 20 years of partnership between Australian musicians and the British luthier and design team of Tanglewood in Great Britain.

Tanglewood 20th Anniversary Models

Inspired by the majestic natural landscape and clear endless skies of Australia, the architecture of these special instruments and their unique design signatures reflects the respect and gratitude the Tanglewood luthier team have for you the musicians and artists of Australia who took this brand into your hearts all those years ago and made it your own.

Limited Edition - Exclusive to Australia

Each guitar in this limited edition series is meticulously handcrafted by Tanglewood’s master luthiers, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and precision. The selection of tonewoods, the careful construction, and the fine-tuned bracing patterns all contribute to a guitar that not only looks stunning but also produces a rich, resonant sound that inspires musicians across genres.

Browse Anniversary Models Here

20th Anniversary Dreadnought

Beyond its acoustic brilliance, the 20th Anniversary model features exclusive design elements that pay homage to Tanglewood’s legacy in Australia. From the intricate Australian timber inlaid rosette to the Southern Cross 12th fret inlay, every detail has been carefully considered to make this guitar a true collector’s piece.

Learn More

20th Anniversary Super Folk

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a passionate enthusiast, the Tanglewood 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar invites you to be a part of a musical legacy. As Tanglewood continues to shape the future of acoustic guitars, this milestone model stands as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of musical instruments.

Learn More

Celebrate 20 years of Tanglewood in Australia and make your music resonate with the timeless beauty of this extraordinary anniversary guitar. Come down to 129 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains QLD to try them out today!

Find Us Here

Monday, March 11, 2024

March Guitars Sale On NOW!



Extra 10% OFF the already reduced prices on all instock Guitars & Amps over $1000RRP*

*excluding Clearance items and Revv Amplifiers


Hagstrom Electric Guitars

Established in the 1925 as a manufacturer of accordions, Hagstrom also has a long history of building guitars. Production of acoustic steel string and classical guitars dates back as early as the 1940‘s. In 1958, the first Hagstrom electric guitars were built. Covered in sparkle and pearloid celluloid with stamped metal logos, they featured an ingenious use of materials previously used in their accordion production. Over time Hagstrom’s range of instruments expanded, and became known world-wide for their professional quality, excellent playability, unique features, and great value.

There are several Hagstrom models available in our March Guitar Sale, like the left-handed White Fantomen, the Justin York Viking, the Ultra-Max, and the Fantomen in Tobacco Burst. But only while stocks last!

Shop HAGSTROM Guitars Here

Ibanez Electric Guitars

If you wanted a total history of Ibanez you´d have go back to 1908 when a company named Hoshino began as a sheet music store and later music products distributor in Nagoya Japan. Or around fifty years ago when Hoshino began distributing a Spanish guitar named Ibanez. But for most of us, Ibanez pretty much begins 30 years ago, when Hoshino opened an office near Philadelphia, PA for distributing Ibanez guitars to the USA. Most of those guitars were Ibanez´ famous high quality (but inexpensive) copies of just about everything, but soon they weren´t content with just copying and Ibanez began making their own designs. Today Ibanez is one of the world's most innovative guitar manufacturers, working with famous artists worldwide.

Our March Guitar Sale includes some sweet new models from Ibanez, like the RG470DX, the gorgeous RG470AH, the RG421S and the 7-string RG7421EX - but get in quick as these models won't last long at these prices.

Shop IBANEZ Guitars Here

Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars

Tanglewood Guitar Company was established in England in the latter part of the 20th century. Charged with an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments offering exceptional value and playability, Tanglewood utilised innovative design and both traditional and contemporary manufacturing procedures in order to achieve this goal. Now distributed in over 60 countries globally, winner of the Music Industry UK’s All Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars award, Tanglewood still push to innovate and add value. Our latest Tiare series, for example, introduces quality instruments crafted from exotic timbers at affordable prices.

We have several Tanglewood models available in our March Guitar Sale, if you get in quick! Like the Sundance Historic Dreadnought, or the Sundance Historic Orchestra, the 12-string Java, or the left-handed Java Superfolk.

Shop TANGLEWOOD Guitars Here

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha's history began when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ. In 1889 he established Yamaha Fukin Seizoujo, and in 1900 began production of upright pianos. During the 1950s Yamaha opened a music school, spread overseas and began manufacturing audio equipment. Fast forward to the 2020s and Yamaha is a worldwide powerhouse of musical instrument manufacturing and innovation, as well as a trusted name among students and professionals alike.

You can get yourself a great deal during our March Guitar Sale with a Yamaha TransAcoustic FGC-TA, or a Steel or Nylon String Silent Guitar, or a CG12S Classical, or an AC1R - among others, if you hurry!

Shop YAMAHA Guitars Here

Boss Amplifiers

Since the early 1970s, Boss has manufactured a wide range of effects products, including compact and twin effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedal boards. In more recent times, Boss expanded their product range to include digital studios, rhythm machines, samplers and other electronic music equipment. They also now manufacture versatile and powerful instrument amplifiers, for the beginners to the pros.

We have several Boss Amps in our March Guitar Sale, including the Katana 210B, the Nextone Artist, and the Katana Artist MKII. Sale is only for instock items, so come down to The Music Spot asap!

Shop BOSS Amps Here

Fender Amplifiers

With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues and many others. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world’s most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender instruments and amps, in the process making the company not only a revered music industry name, but also a cultural icon.

We have TWO Fender Amps left in our March Guitar Sale, so you will need to get here fast or they will be gone! We have the Hot Rod Deluxe IV, and the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb - for the moment!

Shop FENDER Amps Here

Our March Guitar Sale is on for the whole month of March, but only items that are currently in stock. Our Guitars and Amps are running off the shelves so you will need to shop online or get down to The Music Spot ASAP!

Monday, March 4, 2024

March Guitar - and Amp! - Sale On Now



Now with AMPS!

For the whole month of March 2024 you can get an EXTRA 10% OFF the already reduced prices of our Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars and Amps & Cabs that are over $1000 RRP (excluding clearance items and Revv Amplifiers). But only while stocks last, so don't miss out!



In 1976 Paul Reed Smith made his first guitar as an extra credit project while studying at St. Mary's College in Maryland. He got an "A" and that’s when Smith decided to follow his dream and make guitars for a living. In the decades since, PRS Guitars have come a long way, with steady growth in factory capacity, employees, distribution, and the number of prominent artists using their instruments. Every PRS guitar is based on decades of testing, rethinking, and reinventing, and pushing the curve beyond what others would consider perfection.

In our March Guitar Sale you can get your hands on several PRS Guitars, including the above SE Custom 24-08 Lefty, SE Custom 22 SemiHollow, SE McCarty 594 Singlecut, and SE Silver Sky John Mayer Signature - among many more - while they last!



Cort has been a guitar-making brand for more than 50 years with an unabated passion for the guitar. Based on long-standing guitar production knowledge, experience, and faith in quality and value, we constantly study to create the best guitar in the world. Cort's mission is to deliver the best instruments to passionate musicians around the world.

We have some sweet Cort Guitars in our March Guitar Sale, like the above G280 in Trans Chameleon Purple, the KX5057 MultiScale 7 String, the Metallic Gold G300 Pro, the Hollowbody Yorktown, and more.



In a purpose-built workshop just meters from Australia’s famous Gold Coast surfing beaches, you’ll find Aaron Fenech, a skilled craftsman and luthier who handcrafts some of the finest guitars available. Each guitar is visually and acoustically unique, making them truly one of a kind.

In our March Guitar Sale you could get a Delta Blues Grand Auditorium, a VT Grand Auditorium, a VTP D78, a VTH Grand Auditorium, or more - if you hurry!



From a small backyard workshop started in 1946 Maton Guitars has grown into a truly great Australian success story. From the initial selection and grading of rough sawn timber to the careful levelling and polishing of the frets, every step of the guitar making process is overseen by Maton's luthiers in Melbourne Australia. It is their attention to detail that ensures that every guitar we produce deserves to bear the name Maton.

If you get in early to our March Guitar Sale you might be lucky enough to pick up an EBG808 Tommy Emmanuel Signature, or a Mini EM-6, or an ER-90 Traditional, or an SRS70C - or more!

Shop MATON Guitars Here


This year we are even including AMPS in our March Guitar Sale, so you might be able to get a 212-6 cabinet, a 6505 head, or a Classic 30-112 - among many more!

Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics in 1965, having built his first amplifier in 1957. Since then Peavey has grown to be one of the world's foremost producer of professional audio equipment. Peavey Amplifiers are known for versatility and reliability, and are some of the most popular amps around the world. 

Shop PEAVEY Amps Here


Roland Corporation has been a driver of innovation for over 50 years as a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. This journey has accompanied the development of music. Roland products have attracted and been loved by renowned musicians, creators, and amateur users. Today, musical instruments and audio-visual equipment bearing the Roland logo can be seen in live venues, event stages, recording studios, and many other locations around the world. 
We even have some Roland Amps in our March Guitar Sale, and if you get down to The Music Spot NOW you might be able to get a JC40 Jazz Chorus or a Blues Cube Stage Amp, for an extra 10% OFF!

Shop ROLAND Amps Here