Friday, February 23, 2018

Djembes, Sleepy Puppies and Some Cool New Fenders

Dave and the Music Spot gang have always been huge Fender fans, so when some new guitars drop it's a pretty big deal. So when these babies arrived, they went straight to the Pool Room (read: Sale Wall):
Dave and Sean with some new models
According to Dave: "The new squiers for 2018 have had a serious face lift. Some with matching body to head stock  colours. which is a throw back to some classic 50's 60's USA models. Fat strats, double humbucker Teles and humbucker equipped jazzmasters. Great prices and very cool colours."

Now for a complete change of pace from driving rock guitars, how about some soothing tones to help your fussing fur babies calm down?

We've been looking at the ways that music impacts on people's lives lately, and the amazing benefits it can have on our mood, energy and health. So it's not suprising that the same can be said for our canine (and feline) family members as well.

There's a great YouTube channel that my house makes frequent use of called Relax My Dog, and they have a number of great playlists especially selected to make dogs in any state of agitation relax into a happy, peaceful and usually sleepy mood. This can be great if your pooch suffers from separation anxiety when you go out, or gets a little too happy to see you when you get home, or if they just have trouble getting to sleep at night. They even have a Christmas themed playlist, so we had some very happy puppies in our house this Christmas! You can check out their work at Just another example of the power of music!

This week is Djembe Week at The Music Spot, so you can imagine the vibes!

We have some great Djembes in stock at the moment, like these beauties:

We have the Tycoon Percussion 12" Fantasy Boa Rope Tuned,  the Meinl Headliner 12" Rope Tuned, lots of gorgeously coloured Toca Coloursound mini Djembes, and lots more. You'll have to come down to the shop and have a play for yourself!

How bout an old classic for your Friday Funny:

Have a great week peeps!

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