Thursday, January 25, 2018

Back To School Pt 4 of 4: Accessories & Books

In the final installment of our Back To School series, this week we will have a look at the way we make parents' lives easier by having all your accessory needs sorted.

Our instore display of Accessory Packs
First of all, we have our ever-convenient website, with a special place for all your School Needs. Under this tab you will find all your Accessory Packs, School Books and even School Instruments.

Not sure which book you need? No problem, we have a list of all our local schools and which book they are currently using, right here. If you would like some more information about what this whole School Music business even means, I have written this helpful guide. So in short, we have been doing this a while now, and we know what you need even before you do ;)

Sean holding one of our Brass Packs
For the Brass players, we have specially made Packs that have the Care Kits you will need for cleaning and maintenance of your instrument, your school book and your home practice Music Stand, which comes in a convenient carry bag. We have these for Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium and French Horn, in all popular books.

Johnny with one of our Woodwind Packs
For Woodwind instruments, our Packs contain the Music Stand, Book, and Care Kit, as well as Reeds and a Strap. This means you will get everything you need to start playing straight away. Easy! We have these for Alto and Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, and for Flute players we have a special Pack that contains the Book, Stand and cleaning cloth(s).

Dave with a Percussion Pack
And we can't forget the Drummers - we have Percussion Packs which have the Book, Stand, specially selected Drum Sticks and a Practice Pad, to refine your technique without damaging your wrists. Available in all popular school Books, of course.

Marian with a String Pack
For the Orchestra, we have Packs for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass, containing Book, Stand, Rosin, Shoulder Rests for the Violin and Viola, Rubber Stops for the Cello and Double Bass, and a spare set of Strings for Violin. These come in different sizes, so make sure you know what size instrument you are playing for this year.

And if you have some of the required accessories at home already, you have the option to purchase the pack without a stand, or just buy the accessory items individually. We have all your needs covered, to make your Back To School time as headache-free as possible!

Come down to our Browns Plains superstore and grab all your school music needs in the one place. And enjoy the beautiful music that you will be hearing during this (and future!) years!

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