Friday, November 3, 2017

What's your favourite band?

Today is Aussie Band Shirt Day, and the Spot Boys got the memo:
Phil, Chris & Johnny and their favourite bands
Well, half of the memo. Not all of them are Aussie bands, but they've all toured here, so maybe we can say they're honourary Aussie bands?

Guitar News

This week the buzz is around Fender Amps, and we have quite a selection.
No Johnny, Candy Apple is the colour, not the flavour..
These three are Limited Edition (just like Johnny!) - and we only have one of each (again, including Johnny - some may say that's a good thing!). They are the Blues Junior (the one Johnny was trying to eat), the 65 Princeton Navy Blue and the 65 Deluxe Navy Blue. We have great prices going on each so I'd advise you to come down and check them out.

Drum News

Have you seen this? 
Chris making magic
The DTX Multi 12 Percussion Pad - you can make magic with this thing. It's a great addition to any acoustic kit, opening up a whole new world of sounds to play with. It has heaps of cool sounds included, and the capability to store your own samples. Everything you could want!

Pro Audio News

Fender In Ear Monitors are Phil's new jam:
Phil is all ears..
I get the feeling he was one of those kids who would start playing with his Christmas presents before he actually took them out of the box. And I can kind of understand with these things, they are pretty exciting: imagine having your entire band sound clearly in your head with no interference. You can stay on top of exactly what's going on with your sound without having to stand in front of a box in one place. Never miss a beat again! 
We have the DXA1 and the FXA2, covering everything from the garage band or weekend warrior, all the way up to the seasoned musician.  And don't worry, they don't make you look like Phil!

Keyboard News

Casio make keyboards! Lots of em!
Johnny is feeling a little overwhelmed..
And we can help you with all your keyboard needs with our great range. We've got everything from the keylighting models such as the LKs up to the WK240, with over 600 different tones. This means you can get your kids in on their first keyboard easily and they can grow with us, as their talents increase and the music they make starts to pop! Imagine what you could do with one of these babies!

Folk News

Banjos! Chris digs em..
Chris putting on his Lil Abner face
This Tanglewood will get Daisy Mae dancing, and all the rest of Dogpatch as well! It comes with Tanglewood's great 5 year warranty, and has amazing tone and easy playability. Plus the natural gloss timber tone is absolutely gorgeous. If you demand satisfaction, come on down for a duel!

Band & Orchestral News

Jupiter Saxophones are a fave for school students and experienced players alike.
Phil trying to channel his inner Kenny G, but needless to say his sax playing blows..
Like this nice Alto, a 500 series that delivers exceptional tone for it's price point. But if you are like Phil and want a nice deep Tenor, give the 500 series a go there too - this series redefines the entry level student instrument. Just because you don't want to spend the big bucks doesn't mean you don't want the big sound!

SaturdayImpactDay has rolled around again

And we once again have the chance to make huge, meaningful impacts on people's lives.
SaturdayImpactDay - the first Saturday of every month
 Tomorrow, being the first Saturday of the month, for every customer we serve we will be supplying a whole week's worth of clean water to a family in Cambodia. If you want to be a part of this awesome event, simply come down to the shop - it doesn't matter if you buy a pick or a Maton. Just being a part of the #MusicSpotFamily is enough!

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