Friday, October 13, 2017

School Nights, Screams and This Week's Deals

How fast has this year gone though??? Yesterday it was Brexit will never get voted in, Trump will never become president.. and now we're staring down the barrel of Back To School 2018. Well at least we've all survived, right? Right??
Our School Night display table
Marian and Tamara have been busy bees visiting all the local schools and taking their traveling display of Band Instruments and Accessory Packs. They are both experts at this by now, as The Music Spot has been supporting the local schools in their Instrumental Music Programs for over 24 years. We know exactly what frazzled parents and excited kids need, and we have everything packaged so that you can get it easy and cheap. Simples!
Aleksandr approves of our School Program
If you would like one of our School brochures posted or emailed to you, drop us a line on and we will send it off. Or you can pick one up instore, when  you come in to admire our shiny saxophones and mesmerising violins!

Guitar News

Q. What do Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson have in common?
A. They all knew Marshall Amplifiers were awesome before you did. (Maybe. Not judging anyone!)
Sean knows what's cool.
For years Rock N'Roll meant a Fender Strat and a Marshall Amp - and today the quality and the cool continues. We have amazing deals on all our Marshall range at the moment, and there are some real gems in here.

Like the Mini Jubilee Head. It features an ECC83 & EL34 valve-set, High/Low output switching, (20 Watt to 5 Watt), FX Loop and independent 4/8/16 Ohm speaker outputs. In keeping with classic Jubilee tone, Mini Jubilee features preamp circuitry taken from the 2555X which was launched in 2015 and made using the original diagrams. Also, a classic silver vinyl and chrome plated panelling to complete the Jubilee look.

Or we have the 2061X Handwired Head with 2061CX 2 x 12" cab - this really brings you back to the golden age of Rock N'Roll. The 20 Watt, Two Channel Handwired™ is an authentic re-issue of the 2061 ‘Lead and Bass’ head from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It produces that highly desirable, vintage all-valve sound in compact ‘small box’ design. Producing its classic tone by two ECC83 valves in the preamp, two cathode biased EL84s in the power stage and a silicon diode rectifier. The 60 Watt 2061CX is a hand-soldered, 2 x 12” cabinet designed to be matched with the 2061X™ handwired head. It features an authentic vintage look and loaded with two 30 Watt Celestion reissue G12H speakers. 

Or if you want something a little more.. special, check out this: The Marshall Snakeskin Special 2203 Head with 1960A Cab. This is one of the most highly respected 100 Watt Marshall® heads. Evolving from the ‘Plexi’ head, the JCM800 was one of their first amplifiers to feature a Master Volume control. The 1960A is the world's best selling 4 x 12" speaker cabinet, with a heritage that stretches back to the early 1960s. And dude - snakeskin!

Doesn't get much more Rock N' Roll than that! lml

Drum News

If you're a drummer and live in South East Queensland, you're pretty lucky - well firstly because every Australian wishes they lived in South East Queensland - but also because at the moment The Music Spot is having a pretty special High End Drum Sale.
Chris. Just a little bit posh.
Just three examples of our many great deals: We have the DW Performance Series 5 piece shell pack in Candy Apple Red. Combining the latest grain orientation technology and hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple, Performance Series proprietary HVX shells deliver a low, punchy fundamental, with ample resonance and projection that’s perfectly suited for live applications.

Also pictured with Chris is the DW Design Series 5 piece shell pack in Tobacco Sunburst. This is not just any shell; it's made with VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) grain orientation with an outer horizontal ply to offer more depth, body and tuning range than the competition. Snares include an artist-approved MAG throw-off and all drums feature True-Pitch tuning rods and low mass mini turret lug. Add to that a selection of DW's most popular F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurately-Sized Toms) sizes and the STM mounting system and you've got a winner!

But the one that seems to excite Chris the most is the Tama Starclassic Maple Gloss shellpack. TAMA's Superstars and Imperial stars reigned supreme in the '80s being the perfect drums for the times. TAMA'S builders and designers created the Starclassic Maple drums that ignited the thin-shell revolution. Starclassic shells utilise maple, the most popular shell material for its ability to produce a warm and clear sound.

They've convinced me!

Pro Audio News

Cables are so last season. Who wants to be tripping over their feet while busting out their Pink moves on stage?
Johnny is excited by the freedom to do his Pink moves onstage
AKG are great with wireless technology, and we love the WMS 40 Pro Mini 2 Instrument and Vocal Set. It has a single battery for low operating cost, integrated Autosquelch, and is surprisingly easy to plug & play. You get a HT 40 Mini handheld transmitter, PT 40 Mini pocket transmitter, SR 40 Mini 2 stationary dual receiver, and MKGL instrument cable, all for a crazy great price. So no more excuses for standing in one place like a weeping angel - get your energy out!

International Scream Day

Yesterday was International Scream Day. Heard of it? It's probably something you desperately need in your life - screaming isn't just for metal, it's a vital part of keeping sane in a crazy world. Let those frustrations out! And you never know - you might be good enough to join a metal band and get famous, like Sean!
Sean is very healthy
Speaking of famous, we love to read all your reviews on Google! It gives us the warm fuzzies to see that you are enjoying what we do. So if you have ever dealt with us in any way and were happy with our service, please do leave us a review on Google, so we can keep up the good work!

Rock on till next time!

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