Friday, August 25, 2017

Calling All Future Pop Stars

We get it. You don't want a guitar. You don't want to be like some old dude (who uses words like "dude") with straggly long hair that hasn't been changed since the 80s. You wanna be like Rihanna. Katy. Taylor. Dua Lipa.

And that's cool! We are here for you guys too!

So.. what do we actually have for someone who just wants to sing?

Well for starters, there are two great products from TC Electronic for live performance, the TC Helicon Duplicator and the TC Helicon Mic Mechanic. Both offer some vocal effects (delay and reverb) and some pitch correction to just tidy up that tired voice.

TC Electronic Duplicator                 TC Electronic Mic Mechanic

A great combination would be an AKG D5 microphone - the industry's new standard for vocal mics. The great thing about the newer technology of the AKG D5 is that it inherently has a wider and more open eq compared to other contemporaries ( ie the Shure SM58).

Another option is a wireless microphone system. The AKG WMS40 mini system is perfect for a simple set up and quality sound performance. You won't trip up on stage with a wireless mic system.

                        AKG D5              AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless System
Also for the beginner, we have a range of vocal tuition books. Suitable for children through to adults.

Fast Track, Progressive, and Songs for Solo Singers, to name a few

Don't forget about all the other essential vocal accessories, pop filters, windshields, mic clips, goose necks, mic stands, mic cables, phew outta breath.. suffice it to say, we have LOTS of things for singers!

Pop filters, windshields, clips, stands, cables.. the list goes on!

Now, about those dance lessons.. I hear there's a good place around the corner?

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