Friday, April 13, 2012

K Array KB1 Professional Sound System

The KArray BlueLine KB1 is an amazing new concept in portable sound systems. It looks small, but it sounds HUGE! How can this be possible, you ask? Because, apart from packing almost 700 watts of thunderous power, the KB1 is a true loudspeaker line array, as now used in all major touring systems.
Unless you're playing the Entertainment Centre, the KB1 will fill your gig with loud, amazing quality and completely focussed sound.

The KB1 gives you the ability to digitally adjust the horizontal coverage angle from 10 to 60 degrees and because it is a true line array, unlike other systems that look similar but aren't, the horizontal coverage is a huge 90 degrees. This thing will fill the room and reach around corners!
Constructed with the same professional grade steel, aluminium and wood as used in KArray's massive concert touring systems, the KB1's high powered woofer and mid/high drivers reproduce the complete frequency range from 30hz to 20Khz at levels up to 125dB!

Control is superb, with an integrated 4 channel mixer and included software and usb port that allows extra control of the system including multi effects, e.q., compression, speaker optimization and more, all with a brilliant on-screen display.

All this power, control and superb quality comes in a compact package weighing a mere 22kg.

The KArray BlueLine KB1 is a giant killer!

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