Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Special Announcement: Serenade Spot Competition!

This is the first of THREE Bonus Announcements coming at you - stay tuned!!

Some exciting things are happening at The Music Spot over the next month. It's our 25th Birthday, so we are celebrating in HUGE style - and the winners will be YOU! Starting with this: Announcing our SERENADE SPOT competition - winner gets a Foosball Table! How much fun will your house be?!

It couldn't be easier - we help you promote your music, and you have the chance to win a Foosball Table as well - it's a win-win! 

Step 1. Come into The Music Spot - bring your talent with you!

Step 2. Get one of our friendly Team Members to record a short video of you performing your music of choice (any style, any instrument - come and play your spoons if you want!) in front of Spot The Dog in our Acoustic Department

Step 3. Keep an eye on The Music Spot Facebook and Instagram pages for your video to appear

Step 4. Get your friends, fans and family to "like" your video - the one with the most likes wins! Simple as that!

The Likes will be counted on Tuesday 31st July, so come in and get your video done soon so you have as much time as possible to get noticed!

Keep in mind we can't share anything offensive on our social media platforms! So keep it G rated and you'll be fine! Good luck!

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