Friday, June 1, 2018

Did someone holler for a Marshall?

If you've been around the shop recently, you may have noticed a familiar face.

Spot The Dog has been convinced to come out of retirement and make an appearance on our new Acoustic Wall, and has brought a nice comfy seat with him for all his adoring fans to sit on for Spot Selfies! If you want to be featured on our Instagram account, just drop by anytime and get a Selfie with Spot!


This week we are celebrating that most revered name in sound amplification, Marshall.

Marshall has a long and rich history, from humble beginnings in 1962 in a music store in London called Jim Marshall and Son. Jim and his team responded to calls for a new type of amplifier by designing the JTM45 amp "Number One", which sold 23 on it's first day instore. In 1965 Pete Townsend asked Jim to design an amp to make his sound "louder", and the Super 100 was born. This came with a massive 8x12" cabinet, to the horror of roadies everywhere, so was soon replaced by two stacked 4x12" cabs - and thus the iconic Marshall Stack entered our lexicon.

Marshall today are still producing brilliant amplifiers and supporting music and musicians in many new and innovative ways. We have a sweet range of Marshall Amps in stock at The Music Spot, so come and try them out today - you never know, you could be the next Pete Townsend, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash, Muse, Oasis, Justin Timberlake..


Speaking of Marshalls in store, check out these beauties!

How classy is this silver vinyl 2525 Jubilee Head & 2536 Cab? Great deal for a great sound that has a great look as well. In the middle we have the 1959 SLP 100W Head with the MC1960BV 280W Quadbox, if you need a bit of classic vintage to power your sound.  And then on the end we have the JVM410 100W Head & MX412 Angled Cab, 4 x 12" speakers will blast out your sound and the four independant channels on the head make this 12 Marshalls in one. Everything you need!


And now our obligatory Friday Funny:

You've been a great audience! I'm here all week!

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