Friday, April 27, 2018

Food and Porsches - and some Sweet Guitars

Welcome to another weekly instalment! Instore this week we are having a sale on some pretty awesome speakers, and Sean is excited:

Here we have the Fender Fighter powered speaker in 10" and 12" models along with a Fender Passport 5 channel PA system.  Joining the mix of crazy speaker deals are the Turbosound IX12 powered speakers all going out at rock bottom prices. Better come down and have a look while they're still here!


Hungry? Or just after some sweet beats?

Scientists have discovered that the brain responds to music in the same way it responds to food - as in, hearing a good song can make you feel as happy as digging into a good burger.

Studies show that listening to music releases the brain chemical dopamine, which results in a general feeling of well-being. This is the same part of the brain that is stimulated by enjoying your favourite food, and can make you feel just as happy.

The implications of this on weight loss are inspiring - if you think you're craving junk food, just chuck on some good music instead! Far less calories!


Our favourite items this week are our very interesting guitars by Gretsch and Tokai.

Above you can see the Grestch Streamliner Holowbody, equipped with Broadtron pickups and a Bigsby bridge, creating an outstanding take on a classic sound and style. Under the big SPECIAL sign (and on a really great deal!) you can see the Tokai Flying V, if you want something to stand out from the crowd! A very high quality replica of the famous style of the rock era. However, if you want more understated elegance, we have the Tokai Traditional LP Custom in classic White, another great take on a classic guitar.


How about some lolz?

Any lolz? Anyone?

Have a great weekend guys and we will see you back bright and shiny next week!

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