Friday, April 20, 2018

Brass On The Battlefield

It's a sombre feel this week, as we approach our annual holiday for ANZAC Day.

Next Wednesday we will be closed for ANZAC Day, but we will be back on Thursday 26th April at 9am. Go to a March, play two-up and have a drink for those who have been affected by war.


With this being the mood, it might be a good time to look into the importance that Music played during times of war.

We are all familiar with the Hits Of The War Years music that we see advertised on TV, played at RSLs and nursing homes country wide, and the memories that these songs can evoke in people who lived through that time. Music as a morale booster is well known, and sending entertainment to the troops to keep their spirits up was a very important part of any country's strategy.

We also are familiar with the bugle call that makes us all stand and salute at ANZAC Day services every year. But maybe we do not understand the value placed on music by the armed forces. The official army band, employed by the armed forces, was relied upon to galvanise troops before battle, provide entertainment in downtime, and solemnise occasions such as burials.

They originally also carried out such front line duties as stretcher carriers, but High Command was concerned about the danger of such duties, and so directed them to focus solely on playing music for the troops.

If music can help people through times of war, imagine the value it can add to your life in times of peace.


Let's lighten our mood a little by looking at this week's Favourite Items, our collection of Squier Electric Guitars.

Squier is the "little brother" of Fender, so you get great Fender quality control, for a more affordable price - perfect for beginners, or people wanting a nice guitar on a lower budget.

For example, front and centre here we can see the Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster, in gorgeous Antigua Burst. This will not only get your noticed, but produce a wonderful rumbling baritone sound. Tuned A to A and at a 30" scale - that of a short-scale bass.

If looks are important to you, and you like the classic shape of a Strat in a contemporary style, you can't go past this amazing Metallic Ocean Blue Squier Strat. HSS configurations, a colour you can get lost in, and a brilliant sound. Everything you need without the price tag really!

Or if you are really at the entry level, wanting to get in on the Electric Guitar hype without committing too much financially, you can't go past the classic Bullet Strat. Looks the part, easy to play, and a truly unbeatable price.


After all the heaviness, let's try again for a Friday Funny:

Did that help any? :D

Have a great week everyone, enjoy your ANZAC Day and we will see you next Friday!

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