Friday, April 6, 2018

Fire Up Those Brain Cells, it's Showtime!

Well we are all in the recovery stage from our awesome Easter weekend, and for some of us that means hitting the gym to burn off those extra calories. (Did someone tell you Easter Eggs had no calories? Who would do such a thing?).. well guess what parents, there is something that not only gives your kids an outlet for all their chocolate infused school holidays energy, but it involves our very favourite thing in the whole wide world: MUSIC!

This is a great program and runs over two days, next Monday & Tuesday. Immerse your kids in the joy of musical theatre and give them a new passion in life!  Only $60 each day, this is a great opportunity - call Jill on 0432 937 766 right now!


Back to our Brain series. We've already established that listening to music is good for your body and your brain, and that playing music is even better. But did you know that learning and playing music is one of the very few activities in life that utilise the entire brain? Let us show you how.

We all know that the brain has two hemispheres: the left and right, or logical and creative. The skills required to learn and master an instrument use the logic centres of the left brain, creating neural pathways to engage in the activity of reading the new language of music, and firing instructions to the parts of the body required to drive the instrument to create the sounds dictated by the music on the page. And listening to the beauty that is created by this activity fires up the emotional centres in the creative, or right, brain.

Finnish scientists have developed a new method that studies how the brain processes different aspects of music. The researchers used MRI technology to study the brains of people listening to music, to see how they processed such aspects as rhythm, tonality and timbre. They found that emotional, motor and creative parts of the brain are all engaged in the activity. The human brain, and body, is an amazing thing - and you can give yours the leg up by injecting some music into your day!


Our favourite stock items this week are our extensive range of Fender Electric Guitars.

From Strats to Teles to the Starcaster to this awesome Coronado, Fender make beautiful, high quality guitars and we have them right here!  This beautiful gold Chris Shifflet Tele is an affordable take on the classic 72 model, retaining the authentic Fender tone. We have the Sapphire Blue Deluxe Strat next to it, if you want some time-honoured Fender style and sound. Or if you really want the guitar that makes Fender so popular, try the American Vintage 65 Strat. We have all these and lots in between, so come down and try one out for yourself.


Speaking of guitarists, there's one thing we've always wanted to know..

Sounds legit ;)

Seriously though, we love guitarists and we love having you in our store, we love the riffs we hear on the daily and more than anything else, we love seeing how finding the perfect guitar lights up people's eyes, and dreaming about all the wonderful music they are going to make with it once they get it home. That's what we are here for. So if you would like to come down and look at our range of guitars, whether you are a beginner looking for a first instrument, or an experienced guitarist looking for a specific piece to use in your band, we are here for you - come in and say hello!

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