Friday, May 26, 2017

You could be playing this Enrico Quarter Size Double Bass TODAY!

Here’s a shot of our Enrico ¼ size Laminated Student bass. It’s right ready to move to your home or school after having had some pre-delivery time in the String Tech workshop. 

We would like to share our thoughts on this great little bass in the hope you will understand why we stock and endorse the Enrico product. 

Firstly, the Enrico brand is aimed fair and square at the entry point student level so price is important, they are affordable. Supplied with bow [German or French frog optional] and a robust padded bag, the outfit is great value. Other noteworthy features include quality machine heads for accurate tuning and a bridge with height adjusting wheels which allow string height to be varied according to prevailing atmospheric conditions. The endpin assembly is heavy duty, deliberately fashioned to cope with those careless moments young players experience too often. But that’s not all…. 

Decades of experience at the importer level have seen Enrico basses evolve from very humble beginnings to the robust instruments we now use. How has this happened? 

Year by year, the product has been refined, re-working features which have proved unsuitable. Material thickness, so important for tonal projection, have been modified relevant to model size. A Solid Spruce Top version has been added. Varnish treatment has been updated after market feedback. Factory string selection has been reviewed and updated. Finally, and all importantly, packaging and freight handling have been re-worked to minimize damage during shipping. Losses due to careless freight treatment are now rare. 

With four models of violins/violas, two models of cellos and basses, Enrico has become the most accessible, affordable student stringed instrument range currently available in Australia. At The Music Spot, we support the best product in it’s class, That’s ENRICO

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