Friday, May 12, 2017

We gave the Drummer the Key to the Door, and other stories

What a week it's been at The Music Spot!

First up on Monday we celebrated Chris turning 21, and YES there was cake!

Happy Birthday Chris!
We had (as always!) a few floor layout reshuffles, and redesigned our Acoustic area. I personally think it looks great - check out our multi-layered approach: 

Three levels of Acoustic Guitars - lots to choose from! 

In other departments, Johnny was excited to report that we now have the Yamaha PSRS970 back in stock - this is a special instrument so be sure to come have a play for yourself.

A few more things came in, a few more things went out, and life goes on. If you haven't been to our superstore in Browns Plains, Queensland then you are definitely missing out!

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