Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Product Spotlight: Ibanez Bass Guitars

This week's product spotlight focuses on Ibanez bass guitars. Started in 1908 as a sheet music and musical products distributor, Hoshino-Gakki changed its name to Ibanez after Spanish guitar maker Salvador Ibanez, whose instruments they started importing into Japan in the late 1920's. Ibanez started making their own instruments during the 1930's and continue to do so to the current day.

Ibanez bass guitars are innovative and progressive in their concepts and design. For over 40 years, Ibanez have pioneered new developments in bass guitar production conceived in their Bass Workshop. The Music Spot is proud to showcase several of these fine bass guitars in our current lineup.

The SR755 five string bass is a stunning example from the Bass Workshop. With a five piece neck, lightweight maple body with bubinga top, Nordstrand pickups, and Ibanez's Custom Electronics preamp system, this bass covers all styles and genres with the sleek, clean lines the SR series is known for. Ibanez's SR series basses all feature a smooth fast neck, lightweight bodies with well designed and thought out electronics. The SR300 is a four string bass with a sleek body made from mahogany. Its 5 piece maple and rosewood neck is fast and thin while the CAP EXF-N2 pickups and active electronics with three band eq allow you to dial in a wide range of tones.

For players looking for a completely different vibe, the Black Eagle is perfect for the alternative rocker. A limited edition reissue of the now forty year old classic, the Black Eagle brims with 70's era cool with its distinctively shaped mahogany body, striking abalone eagle inlays and F-hole shaped head stock.

The ATK series can be considered as the traditional bass turned up to 11. Ash bodies and that familiar feeling neck profile combine with active electronics and CAP humbuckers that offer three way switching modes. Our ATK800 model features Ibanez's Premium fretwork and comes with a case, while the ATK300 with its natural finish not only looks beautiful but is a pleasure to play as well.

Ibanez also provide instruments for the younger bass player in their Mikro series. Featuring a 3/4 scale length and smaller lightweight body, the SRM20GB is a scaled down version of the extremely popular SR200 series bass. This is a great model for guitarists transitioning into playing bass and comes with a heavy duty padded gig bag.

Finally, there is the PCBE12MH Acoustic bass, Featuring an open pore mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and AEQ-2T preamp with built in tuner, this Grand Concert sized bass guitar is perfect for roots, jazz and blues music with its full round warm tone.

All of these basses offer exceptional value for money. With quality materials and well thought out designs, an Ibanez bass is an excellent choice for the seasoned professional and the beginner alike.

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