Friday, April 22, 2016

Product Spotlight: Fender Electric Guitars

Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton. Mark Knopfler. John Mayer. John 5. Jim Root. Keith Urban. Simon Neil. Chris Chiflett. The Edge.

One guitar unites all of these players and their respective styles together.

Fender electric guitars have been at the forefront of modern music making for over 70 years. Developing his first solid body guitars in the late 1940's through to the iconic Stratocaster I'm sure Leo Fender had no idea what legacy he was leaving when he started out in his humble workshop all those years ago.

The Music Spot has been a proud dealer of Fender's Fine Musical Instruments since our launch back in 1993. We have a wide range of Fender electric guitars in stock to cater for every player's budget, proficiency and playing style.

Fender's Squier Bullet Stratocaster provides an affordable launching point for the beginner. Solid body, bolt on neck, familiar tremolo system and equipped with either SSS or HSS pickup configurations, the Bullet series is a great guitar to get started on.

Squier's Affinity Series Strats and Telecasters are the next level up in the chain with better quality hardware and electronics while the Standard Series offer great, gig worthy guitars at an affordable price point.

Vintage Modified guitars build upon traditional designs with useful additions and upgrades. These are really good guitars for the price.

Squier's Strat Packs provide excellent value for money with a choice of an Affinity Series model in SSS or HSS configuration, and a 10w or 15w Frontman amp depending on the package you choose. Each pack includes a tuner, lead, strap, gigbag, and coupon for some free online lessons.

Squier's Signature Series guitars are excellent examples of Fender product tailored to meet the needs of the professional players whose names are attached to them. The John 5 Frosted Gold Tele is a visually stunning instrument - classic and modern at the same time. Simon Neil's Classic Vibe 60's Fiesta Red Strat harkens back to the early sixties with its vintage voiced pickups, looks and style.

Made just over the border from Fender's US facility - the Deluxe Nashville Telecaster is factory modded with TexMex pickups and a Strat middle pickup added granting you the best of both worlds from Leo's iconic electric guitars. The Deluxe Roadhouse Strat provides you with SRV's Texas Special Pickups and the innovative S1 switching and preamp system on board.

The American Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster provide the classic tones you've grown up listening to. Vintage voiced Custom Shop wound pickups, refinements on the classic designs of the 50's, the US made American Standard is the guitar so many players aspire toward.

At the top of the tree in our range is the 1965 American Fender Vintage Series Stratocaster. Beautifully finished in Shoreline Gold and painstakingly developed to replicate the original 1965 model, this Strat produces fat, thick tones provided by Custom Shop wound pickups, as well as the aesthetics consistent with guitars produced in this era of Fender electrics - thin skinned nitrocellulose finishes, colour-matched headstock, slab top rosewood fingerboards, and vintage Kluson button tuners.

Fender guitars have been at the pinnacle of music making for over 70 years. Come on in today and try one for yourself.

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