Friday, May 4, 2018

International Drum Month

So who here knew that May 2018 was International Drum Month? Anyone? Us neither (we thought it was November!), but luckily our new drummer Chris was on the ball, so let us introduce to you, International Drum Month! Happy May!

We are always happy to celebrate all things drums, after all, they're the backbone of the band!


So you're a parent, and Little Johnny comes to you one day and says "Mum / Dad, I want to be a drummer when I grow up." Now, before you reach for the old "oh honey, you can't do both!" ;) - take a moment to consider the following points.

Drums are a universal instrument, and are used for every type of music, from classical to jazz to rock to even Hip Hop (which is literally just drums and vocals most of the time). Anzac Day marches feature them. Cave paintings glorify them (probably). Drums have been here since time began, and always will be - so your child will never, ever be looking for a job. Drummers are always sought after.

Also, it's an activity that is not only good for the brain, as keeping time is serious brain work, but good for the whole body. No other instrument is going to give you the same workout that an hour at the drum kit will.

And third, you will never have to worry about your child having friends, as he/she/they will constantly be jamming or invited to jam or playing on stage! What more could you want from life?


So this week we are starting off our Drum Month by focusing on the tools every drummer needs before they can make any noise: sticks.

Drum sticks are a little more complicated than just two bits of wood, as they come in different sizes (thicknesses), shapes and head compositions (wood tip or nylon tip). So we stock all the sizes from a few of the best brands, to give you the choice.

 We carry Pro Mark, Regal Tip, Vater and Vic Firth to name a few. And all in Wood Tip and Nylon Tip, and sizes including 5A, 5B, 7A, 7B, and many more. If you don't know which ones you need, come in and have a chat to the boys and they will sort you out. And we have all the accessories like stick holders, moongel and more. We've got you covered!


And for our Weekly Groan, we thought we'd keep it in the drumming family :P

Catch you next week peeps! And keep on drumming!

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