Friday, March 2, 2018

True Australian Made Quality - for Brain Power

Can you believe it's March already?? Wasn't it just New Years last week? Well either way the good news is that tomorrow brings around our monthly SaturdayImpactDay, so you can start the new month off right by helping out families in Cambodia get access to clean water.

We here in Queensland have had more water than we know what to do with lately, so it can be hard for us to imagine not having enough - or even just not having access to anything clean enough to drink. But we know that through B1G1 100% of our donations go directly to families that need our help, and that just gives us yet another reason why we love our job here at The Music Spot :)

Just in case you needed another excuse to play your Guitar (or another encouragement to start learning!), we've decided this week to look at some fascinating studies into the effects of playing Guitar on the human brain. 
This brain loves a good Strat

It's well documented that music, and in particular playing a musical instrument, is good for your brain development. It helps kids cope better with other subjects at school, and encourages them to form social bonds through learning and playing with others. But did you know that even when you're not playing, your brain is still the better for your having spent those few minutes this morning strumming on your Strat?

According to a recent study at Cambridge University, musicians have mastered a more efficient way of learning, due to the way they learned music: people who play an instrument are able to see concepts and problems as shapes, and engage the more creative parts of the brain in understanding and solving them. Most don't realise this is even happening, it's just a happy side effect of years of training yourself to be creative and expressive through your love of music. So even when you're not playing, you are still working out your brain, and building those beneficial grey matter muscles!

March is Acoustic Guitar month at The Music Spot, and we are kicking the new month off by celebrating our beautiful Maton Acoustics.

Maton has long been one of our favourite brands, due to the exquisite quality of workmanship, and all-Australian timbers and manufacturing. These instruments make beautiful music, and it's always exciting every time one of these goes to a new home, imagining the amazing sounds that are going to be created.

On our Feature Wall we have the Heritage Model ECW80, the M Series Acoustic Electric, the Bluegrass Acoustic Electric, and the beautiful Custom Shop Solid Bunya top with Blackwood Back 7 Sides model. All great deals on great guitars.

Choose a Maton and you will never go wrong!

We had a little trouble coming up with a Friday Funny this week..

Have a great week and keep making beautiful music!

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