Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Make some noise for Percussion Month!

The moon is full (and blue. And bleeding and eclipsing, apparently), the smell of summer rain is in the air, and we are getting exciting about all things Percussion at The Music Spot this month.

Sean, Johnny & Dave celebrating Percussion Month

This week, we are starting off by looking at some of the more fun items - the movers and shakers, you could say ;)

Make some NOISE!

Percussion is not just about Drums. You can make awesome sounds with lots of other bits and pieces, that can really complete the sound you are going for. 

For example, these Hand Bells are not just for Santa Claus - they make a crisp, clear sound that will punctuate any rock rhythm. And speaking of rock, everything needs more cowbell ;) 

If you want something sweeter, higher pitched and tuned, try this Glockenspiel. Notes like a Piano; bashed like a drum. What's not to love?

If you've got a long red dress and a rose in your mouth, these Castanets would really complete the look. And these Egg Maraccas always sound great in any kind of music (so they would fit into your Flamenco routine as well!)

But it's not all just about fun and games. Serious percussionists will make great use of things like this CPK Wood Block, Mano Percussion Cabaza, and Tycoon Percussion professional Tambourine.

And we know no Orchestra is complete without a Triangle.

Hand percussion is also a great way for young children to become involved in Music and express themselves creatively. Kindermusik is a fantastic resource for children from birth to five years old, and uses these and other instruments in a fun and stimulating environment. Check out for more info.

We have all these great items and more at The Music Spot, so come on down and make some noise!

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