Thursday, November 24, 2016

Buying In-Store vs Online: The Price

Over the past few weeks we've been discussing the benefits of shopping in-store vs shopping online. The topics of discussion have centred around the benefits of the experience and the sound of shopping in store. Today we focus on the elephant in the room, the benefit of the price.

Yes it's true. You maybe be able that gear online cheaper than in a store. There, I said it. But here are some benefits from shopping in-store you may not have considered.

Local stores employ people. Real people. People who have families and bills to pay. Your local music store is more than likely a small business run by people just like you. Most stores were started by a people or a family with a passion for music. They weren't faced with the pressure of the international competition that now exists with the advent of the internet and the globalisation of numerous aspects of our society. The majority of local music stores are not mega conglomerates with offshore bank accounts to avoid paying tax. They form part of the small business backbone of our economy that employs the majority of people in our nation. Your local store helps keep jobs in Australia and your choice to spend your money there keeps the economy ticking over.

Shop front music stores have real overheads an e-store may not have. There is rent to pay for the shop front, electricity and utilities to pay for, and not to mention people who work in that shop who have families to feed, that need to get paid. The way those overheads are met is through the sale of products or the extra services they offer. It costs money to do all these tasks, and keep the doors for the person who needs those strings or sticks before the gig tonight - who has just called five minutes before closing time - pleading with us to stay open so they can perform and do their job. It happens more than you realise.

There are other factors that impact upon price. It costs a shop to have that gear you want in stock. It costs the business freight to transport it from a supplier's warehouse and have it delivered. It costs money to pay staff to unpack that equipment and display it on the showroom floor. It costs money to have friendly and helpful staff available to serve and assist in you to choose the right gear you need.

Without a physical shop you don't have the opportunity to come in and actually test drive the gear you're considering buying. You also get to draw from a staff members' product knowledge and real world experience that adds value and insight to assisting you in completing your purchase. That's a value that you can't really measure. But that knowledge, that experience, that expertise, is part of what you're paying for when you shop in-store and is difficult to quantify. The price is what makes this possible.

Furthermore you have peace of mind knowing the store is there for you to follow up service and support should it be required.

Buying in your local store keeps the door open. It keeps jobs in Australia and puts food on the table for people just like you who work in those stores.

I've outlined only three benefits for choosing to shop in-store vs shopping online: the experience, the sound and the price. These three factors combine to provide you with the best service we can offer at The Music Spot.

Feel free to add any further benefits you can think of in the comments below. I'd love to hear them.

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