Friday, June 3, 2016

Product Spotlight: Marshall Amplification

Jimi Hendrix. Ritchie Blackmore. Eric Clapton, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani. Joe Bonamassa. Slash.

One name unites all these players and that name is Marshall Amplifiers, an iconic brand that sums up the sound of rock and roll. Founded in July 1962, drummer Jim Marshall opened his first music shop in Hanwell, London. After some development and a series of prototypes, Marshall and his team released 'Number One,' their first amp, in September of the same year. Twenty three orders were taken on the first day it was displayed in his shop window!

'Number One' spawned the development of a series of amps such as the JTM45, the Bluesbreaker made famous by Eric Clapton, the Super 100 - first 100 watt stack, the 1959 Super Lead heads - aka the 'Plexi's' of the late 1960's, through to the JCM 800 and 900 series, the highly collectible Silver Jubilees, the DSL's, their latest CODE modelling amps and the Vintage Reissue hand-wired JMP series.

Given this rich legacy and history, we are proud to showcase the latest development in Marshall's rich history of amplification: the JVM410H.

Marshall's JVM410H amplifier is the culmination of 54 years of research and development by the team at Marshall amps. British built, the JVM410H has the familiar look and feel of the landmark heads that define the sound of classic rock and roll, hard rock, and every genre of metal you can think of.

A 100 watt all tube head, the JVM410H comprises four independent channels: Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2 each with their own set of eq controls and studio quality reverb. If that wasn't enough to tailor the tone to your liking, each channel has a selector switch offering three more variations to each channel's circuit, giving you a total twelve modes to shape and sculpt the sounds you hear in your head.

The JVM410 also has an effects loop that can be controlled by the six button foot switch. The foot switch makes channel switching a breeze. It can be programmed to store and recall your presets for each channel and control the reverb too. The engineers at Marshall have designed the foot switch to work with a regular guitar lead so no special cable is required.

No head is complete without a cabinet and the 1960BV straight speaker cabinet is the perfect companion. Comprising 4 x 12' Celestions, the G12 Vintage 30's provide a warm, focused mid range response and smooth top end. There is still plenty of chunk without excessive bass boom.  Furthermore, this 280 watt cabinet can be run in mono or split into stereo mode. Its rated at 16/4 ohms running in mono or 8 ohms in stereo mode.

As well as having the ability to connect to virtually any cabinet, the JVM410 has a balanced direct out with speaker emulation. This makes it perfect for connecting directly into your audio interface for silent recording sessions at home that capture the glorious full roar of a 100 watt Marshall without complaints from the neighbours or more importantly, your significant other.

The JVM410 lives up to its name as a Vintage Modern classic. A feature rich, tone laden amp, this is the Marshall you need. Covering every base from the vintage JTM/Plexi era through to the classic JCM800's and into the high octane modern metal and high gain era and beyond, the JVM410 defines Marshall to a tee.


Iconic. Innovative. Tone. Versatile. And loud.

Very loud.

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