Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 6 piece in Bright Metallic Orange

TAMA drums and hardware are created by drummers for drummers. They became the “The Strongest Name in Drums” because of the support and input from drummers around the world.
The TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive series offer power, flexibility and visibility. With TAMA Hyper-Drive kits, your audience will hear your every note and see your every move. Hyper-Drive's unique and perfect combination of modern and traditional drum sizes offers sonic power with clarity, unparalleled set-up flexibility, and complete performance visibility.  The highest priority feature when developing the Superstar series was the sound. Superstar shells now come in Maple for its warm and open tone.  Hyper-Drive is the new standard depth size on tom toms as its short depth creates enhanced attack, punchy sound, and quick response. More over it allows you to set up the rack toms in lower positions. In the Superstar Hyper-Drive range, all shell hardware is finished in Black Nickel. This beautiful look also produces a higher-grade sense of quality.  No other drum embodies pro features at an affordable price like Superstar. In a first for this price range, Superstar is equipped with the same zinc die-cast hoops featured on the top of TAMA line Starclassic drums. Die-cast hoops not only make tuning easier and more consistent, they also provide crisp attack, clear and resonant highs, and much more powerful rim shots.  The Sound Bridge high-tension, low-mass lug featured in these kits was specifically designed for Superstar. Sound Bridge's unique structure looks much like a traditional high-tension lug, but the body of the lug "floats" over the shell to minimize shell contact so the drum can resonate to its fullest. However, Sound Bridge still offers all the benefits of the traditional high-tension lug: it offsets the tension of the batter side and bottom side heads, reduces the stress on the shell, and provides greater protection to the drum shell during transport.
** Cymbals not included.**
  • Black Nickel hardware
  • Lacquered Maple Shells
  • Bass Drum: 7mm - 7 ply Shell
  • Toms/Floor Toms/Snare Drum: 6mm - 6 ply Shell
  • Die Cast Hoops with integrated Star Cast Tom Mount System on all mounted Shells
You can get your own Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 6 piece in Bright Orange Metallic HERE

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