Monday, April 14, 2014

Fender Starcaster Bass

Introducing the Fender Modern Player Starcaster bass! This innovative semi hollow design was debuted by Fender in the mid 1970's and, since original versions are becoming harder to find, this is the first reissue of the type. This model features a nod to Fender's previous bass designs with an offset body, but that's were the similarities stop! Electronically the Starcaster was a complete step forward with a three way toggle switch controlling the dual, wide-range humbucking pickups. To further fine tune the tone of the instrument, each pickup has its own tone and volume control, allowing the player to get the perfect blend of neck and bridge pickups, to darken up the bridge position, or to introduce some treble frequencies to the neck pickup. These sounds are hammered out on the all maple bolt on neck, and as a short scale bass the Starcaster offers comfort and playability to suit a wide variety of players. The Starcaster's headstock was another obvious change from earlier models, with its sleek, new shape contrasted by the beveled lower side of the headstock.

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