Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taylor Limited Edition GS Minis - rare beauties now in stock.

The GS Mini is the latest downsized "travel" guitar that may be small in size but has
amazing tone.  The Music Spot has just unpacked some limited edition Koa guitars.
Each of these guitars is superbly figured and looks fabulous.   Built in Taylor's
Mexican factory, this amazing guitar has become one of Taylor’s most popular selling
How is this guitar different from a full size guitar?  Well, the scale length is 51mm shorter and the width is 48mm slimmer, but only 5mm less in depth.
The result is the ideal gigging and recording guitar that projects volume, warmth and clarity without the excessive boominess that engineers have to cut out with e.q. when recording larger models.

The standard GS Mini normally comes with laminate back and sides and a solid Sitka Spruce top, but The Music Spot has managed to secure some limited edition models with a gorgeous Koa back.
Some of these guitars come with the under saddle transducer pickup which is found on the 1 and 2 series Taylor Guitars. We also have the option to fit the ES-go pickup which can be sold separately.

This GS mini comes with Taylor signature playability, clear tone, and impressive sustain.

Playing this guitar is a must and we know you will just fall in love with it. We have!    

Come in to The Music Spot and check it out. There are very limited numbers of the Koa in stock right now, so be quick!.

Check it out here.

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